Revisiting Crimson Keep and All Of Its Perils at PAX East

Back at PAX West last year, we got to try a quick demo of Crimson Keep, and while it was cool to check out, there wasn’t a lot of substance to it then. Flash-forward eight months and here we are at PAX East checking out an improved demo of the title from Merge Games. The game puts you in the position of a faceless dungeon slayer who is running around in first-person mode with a sword and some magic skills looking to slay anything and everything in your path. The big chance in this demo comes int he fact that the enemies are not invincible gods who take five or six slashes to kill, and that the dungeons have become a LOT bigger. So big, we got lost in the demo and we were perfectly fine with it.

credit//Merge Games

This is a vast improvement from what we saw back in September, but of course, we were playing a demo so we truly don’t know how grand the game might actually be when it’s finally released. Speaking of which, we didn’t get a solid date as to when it would come out, only that Crimson Keep was set for a 2018 release on Steam.

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