Catching Up With The Crew Behind Floor Kids at PAX East

The last time we saw Floor Kids, it was a demo at the Nindies Showcase in Seattle before PAX West kicked off the next day. This time around they were on the main floor of PAX East showing off the game in custom-made arcade cabinets for people to play. The game has been out for the Nintendo Switch since December, but we feel it deserved a lot more attention than it originally received. If you haven’t checked out the game yet, you basically play as one of several breakdancing teenagers who go from spot to spot in a fictitious inner city that reminded the creators of what they used to grow up in, where you head off to have competitions with your friends and rivals.

credit//MERJ Media

The game is pretty awesome as you pick moves that go with the beat to wow the crowd and pick up points to clear the level. There’s even challenges where you hit moves based on a beat, and a couple chances for you to roll the control stick and do a headspin that will bring down the house. We’d love to see this game expand and make it to other consoles, but for now, this is a pretty awesome game you should check out if you have a Switch.

credit//MERJ Media
credit//MERJ Media

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