Call Of Duty: WWII’s “War Machine DLC is Getting an Event

Last week, Call Of Duty: WWII got its latest DLC in The War Machine, and like a lot of people who downloaded it, we were kind of surprised that there wasn’t a formal event tied to it. Turns out, this is one coming, and we’re probably getting it sooner than we expect. Sledgehammer games loaded this gif to their Twitter account teasing the formal announcement of the next event tomorrow, which looks like it’s going to be all kinds of hellacious and covered in dust.

Yeah, we know, Captain Butcher doesn’t look all that different except for a new pair of goggles on his head, so this really doesn’t tell you much about what the event could be. Chances are it’s going to tie into the storyline of the DLC, so best bet is you’re going to see a new special mode added to either Germany or Egypt with some kind of contingency where the environment is messed up in some way. That’s just our best guess based on the way the previous Call Of Duty events have been handled.

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