Xbox One Release Date for No Man’s Sky Leaked

Not all video game leaks come from big box stores — some of them come from major companies who usually are good about not revealing stuff. As is the case today with No Man’s Sky, which has been slated to come out for the Xbox One for a while now, but we haven’t heard anything about a release date… until today.

Some keen-eyed people on Reddit caught this little nugget on the Italian Amazon website, which revealed it will be released on June 29th via 505 Games. And this isn’t just a random page created just in case the game is released at that time, it comes with full artwork and everything as if you could pre-order it right now.

Beyond this, there are no real details as to what version of the game you’ll be getting for Xbox, how much content will be involved, or whether you’ll need to pay for any of the DLC packs that have come out since. So until we get some kind of expanded confirmation, we’re just going to assume this version is the base game, and that any content to be added to it will come with the giant “NEXT” update that’s been in the works and has yet to receive a release date.

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