Will Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Become The Death Star, Permanently?

Significant changes are in motion for Disney’s Epcot Theme Park — the park best known for the iconic Spaceship Earth. Announced at D23 in July, Epcot is receiving a pair of new attractions based on popular movie properties: Guardians of the Galaxy (the Epcot attraction that GotG is replacing, The Universe of Energy, opened in 1982), and Ratatouille, which will be constructed in the France Pavillion area. Disney Parks blog tells us that “According to Disney leaders, [GotG and Ratatouille Epcot attractions] will open in time for the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World Resort in 2021.”

This 50th anniversary reboot syncs up with some other rumors in an interesting way.  Corporate sponsorships for various portions of the park — Exxon, General Electric, and numerous others have been sponsors over the years — may be giving way to Disney franchise-based attractions.  This past June, it was revealed that Siemens had chosen not to renew their sponsorship deal for Spaceship Earth. Amidst what seems to be an extensive overhaul of Epcot, there have even been rumors that the iconic giant globe might be removed.  A fresh round of rumors has Disney revisiting old plans that could gut the globe and turn it into a… roller coaster. Or something.

Epcot Spaceship Earth D23 concept art

As has been widely noted, the Spaceship Earth globe figures prominently in concept art released at D23, so it’s not going anywhere quite yet. Probably.  But… couldn’t they just do the obvious thing here, create another Disney franchise-based attraction, and turn the whole thing into the Death Star?

Epcot Spaceship Earth as Death Star

They’ve already done that temporarily, after all, to a little bit of controversy but impressive effect.  As some of the detractors implied then, one might argue that the continued franchise-theme migration of Epcot carries it way from Walt Disney’s original concept of a “real city that would never cease to be a blueprint of the future.”

And yet… what version of the future do we want to buy into, here? The Universe of Energy Sponsored by Exxon?  Or attractions that attempt to put you in the world of franchises like Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars, that might be less grounded in reality but a lot more inspiring?

Will Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Become The Death Star, Permanently?

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One Response to Will Epcot’s Spaceship Earth Become The Death Star, Permanently?

  1. George Lee says:

    Not a good idea, unless temporary like last time.
    Otherwise, this is an example of Disney doing greedy marketing so that when a bunch of “fans” come into it for popularity, Disney would make more money.

    I don’t want to break it to Disney, but they’re ruining the parks, and while some people like movie-based rides, it’s not an example of true Disney fans due to lack of originality.

    Walt Disney didn’t envision Epcot to be about Disney movies, they envisioned it to be a city of Tomorrow, where people can imagine and dream about the future, as Walt Disney says, there’s a great big beautiful tomorrow.

    Walt Disney World and Disneyland used to be what he envisioned, and they even promised to keep some rides the way they are, like Pirates of the Caribbean for example, but that was broken especially since they removed the Wench auction scene (just due to being politically inaccurate they say so), and the company took away magic rides and made them into rides like Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Finding Nemo, etc.

    they took away Alien Encounter(just because it was too scary to the point of parents being ignorant about the warnings that it was scary) and replaced it with the hated Stitch’s Great Escape, and replaced Maelstrom with Frozen Ever After (Frozen is ok, but the hype is overboard).
    They even took away The Sum of All Thrills, Sounds Dangerous, at Disneyland, they took away Flying Saucers and replaced it with Luigi’s Flying Tires, which was still good for its technology, but then closed that one down too and replaced it with Luigi’s Rollicking Roadsters, which is NOT bumper cars like the previous versions.
    They even took away their own Tower of Terror and turned it into Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout.

    They’re even ruining Downtown Disney at Disney World, now known as Disney Springs, they took away all the fast food restaurants, dance clubs, and they took away Pleasure Island and replaced it with a bottle bar, they turned Planet Hollywood from a magical restaurant into a desolate waste room overrelying on pop culture (the old one had pop culture as well, but it didn’t over rely on it like now and had awesome memorabilia) as well as inflated prices and poor service, and they closed down DisneyQuest and Wolfgang Puck, and they’re closing down Cirque du Soleil La Nouba on New Year’s Eve 2017.

    They even closed down the GReat Movie Ride and Ellen’s Energy Adventure, and GMR will be replaced with Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway, which will betray everything we love and know about Mickey & Minnie Mouse, which is basically Walt Disney, by making him & her and their adventures unlikable, which will ruin our childhoods.
    Disney did that move with Stitch.

    Speaking of Stitch, thank goodness it’s only in seasonal operation, so its days are numbered.

    Back to Epcot, they did do improvements(but also downgrades) for Mission: SPACE.
    They’ve improved the video quality of the ride, yet they also added a new mission (Earth, which is also a con, as many little children won’t be able to go to Mars, as it’s too intense for many).
    Mission to Mars is intense, and we shouldn’t get rid of it just so, as people want to dream and wonder what it feels like to go to space and land on Mars and it’s accurate, so thank goodness they kept the big one.

    And back to Spaceship Earth, if they permanently turn it into the Death Star, then Epcot is dead.
    It would be Ipcot, or Intellectual Property Community/City of Tomorrow instead of Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community/City of Tomorrow.

    I’m going to Magic Kingdom this October, and they should think about giving rides major refurbishments, like the Tomorrowland Speedway, they should extend the track to fill spaces in Tomorrowland that have never had rides, as well as kicking the top speed up to 40 mph rather than keeping it at a puny 7 mph, yet also make the track guides softer and the cars electronic rather than gasoline powered, as gasoline cars are outdated and a health hazard to guests, yet Disney wants to keep everything safe and clean, and the gasoline is dangerous with the doses guests experience, yet electronic would fit the meaning of Tomorrowland, or Tomorrow.

    Another ride for a major refurbishment is Space Mountain, with the tracks inside, they’ve never been refurbished, so over time, they became too bumpy and made the ride more painful than fun or thrilling, yet while people say classics should stay what they are, they don’t realize if they don’t refurbish the tracks soon enough, then over time, after constant use, they’ll fall apart, and everyone there will die.
    Yet it’s still so popular, and people want to ride, and when so, many come off with back and neck injuries and complain about the ride.
    Get it together, we want to be safe, yet while the warnings about safety tell you to be in good health and free from high blood pressure, heart, back or neck problems, motion sickness or other conditions, as well as prohibiting pregnant women, the tracks have showed their age and most people come off hurt even with their good health conditions.
    Yet we don’t want rides like it to fall apart, yet my dad told me the demand of the new Tron ride could give Disney the chance to finally refurbish it once and for all, but since Disney have become so selfish, they might just want to close it down forever and not replace it with anything, but keeping the new Tron ride, after all, it will go much faster, at 62 mph, Space Mountain only goes at 28 mph, and Tron will be a launch ride, like Rock N’ Roller Coaster and California Screamin, not a typical chain lift.

    Yet rather than making the classic rides young again, Disney just turns them into garbage, and we don’t like them as garbage.

    As I was saying with Spaceship Earth, if they permanently turn it into the Death Star, then they are screwed, and since they’re planning on turning DinoLand U.S.A. into Indiana Jones, for those reasons and similar reasons, I’ll NEVER go to Disney World or Disneyland EVER AGAIN!!!!!
    Not to offend or upset you guys about Disney, but they really need to stop focusing too much on money and step up their games, even with the Pirates ride, they’ve already changed it, so it doesn’t matter anymore for that ride, so why not change it to make it like the one in Shanghai Disneyland, that one is a record.

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