Where The Water Tastes Like Wine Gets A Release Date

We first came across Where The Water Tastes Like Wine back at PAX West, and at that time, the game looked like it was ready to fly off the floor and into our Steam accounts. Since then, it’s been very quiet on their part as to when we’d actually see the game. This week, we finally got word via Twitter, where Dim Bulb Studios founder and game designer Johnnemann Nordhagen revealed the release date to be February 28th.


If you haven’t had a chance to check the game out, it puts you in the role of a traveling hobo during the era of the Great Depression in America. You basically walk across the country hearing stories from other legendary hobos, back when doing so was more of a romance of the rails and the weary hitchhiker than a sign that you were poor and out of work. As you gain stories, you’re able to spin them into bigger tales than they are and pass them onto others, who will make them bigger when they come around back to you. Check out the trailer below to see more.

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