When The Stickers On Your Batcomputer Don’t Stick…

The Batman Animated: Batcave With Batcomputer Vignette And Alfred Action Figure was manufacturerd and sold by DC Collectiles, released 6 weeks ago, and  came with a set of stickers.  Isn’t that a nice touch? Letting you customise the Batcave/Batcomputer as you see fit.

The only problem is that the stickers… did not stick.

Which, for something known as “stickers” is a bit of a design flaw. Especially for an item that sells instore for $175.

For the first time ever, Batman’s legendary headquarters is available from DC Collectibles, with the Batcave Playset! This Batcomputer Vignette features battery-powered light-up computer screens, Batman’s seat at his work console, and Alfred’s tea set.
ALFRED-5.78 high
Set measures approximately 15.40″ high x 19.40″ wide x 16.40″ deep In Shops: Oct 25, 2017
SRP: $175.00

But not to fret! DC Collectibles has told retailers that they will receive new, replacement sticker sheets at no cost. These stickers are not permanent and may be moved.

The new sticker sheets are scheduled to arrive in stores on December 20th, to the same number of figures each store has ordered.

Could this create a collectable in stickers that don’t stick?

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