The Androids Have Returned To ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Bandai Namco just dropped a ton of details about Dragon Ball FighterZ this morning, including a new trailer showing off everyone’s favorite Androids from the series. A little bit of an oddity, Android 16 operates on his own, while Android 18 operates with the help of Android 17, but 17 isn’t an independent character. We’ve got the trailer below for you to enjoy, but that isn’t all of the details that Bandai Namco had in store today.

The company also announced that they were now signing people up today for the closed beta of Dragon Ball FighterZ! You can sign up at this link for the PS4 version, but don’t be surprised if the website doesn’t immediately respond as they’ve been slammed with traffic. Xbox users can do so through the Xbox Insiders program. On top of that, special editions for the game were also announced, which we’ve posted the details of both versions below.

The Dragon Ball FighterZ Collector’s Edition will be offered with an MSRP of $139.99 and will include the following items:

  • A copy of Dragon Ball FighterZ
  • 7” Goku statue with exclusive “Manga Dimension” coloring
  • Exclusive STEELBOOK
  • Three Art Boards
  • A CollectorZ box to house all the items listed above

ThDragon Ball FighterZ pre-order offer (boxed version) will include the following items:

  • Two early unlockable characters (SSGSS Goku & SSGSS Vegeta)
  • Two exclusive lobby avatars

The Androids Have Returned To ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’


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