Techland Sends Their “Undying Love” in Latest Dying Light Event

Techland has added their latest update to Dying Light, which is a six-day event centered around Valentine’s Day called “Undying Love”. The event will introduce three new survivors, as you can see below, who will be in the game until the next free DLC addition. The event itself comes with new quests and challenges in which all three of these men can be of some kind of help, it’s just a matter of you figuring out how best to use them to your advantage.


On top of these additions, you’ll also be getting a new set of community bounty promises, new in-game items for multiplayer, and a new set of bonds to top it off. This latest addition continues Techland’s promise to continue adding content to Dying Light and keeping the game innovative and exciting for the loyal fanbase who kept it going. But it is a bit of a shame that the event itself is only running until February 18th, as this is the kind of thing that they could have run in Dying Light all month long. At the very least, you got something new to try out and speedrun your way through until the event comes to a close.

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