Looking Over the Overwatch League Skins for the All-Access Pass

Last week, we talked about how Twitch and the Overwatch League were partnering up to have an All-Access Pass that would get you better ways to interact with the league games and give you special in-game items you couldn’t get anywhere else. Today, we finally got a look at the skins that they’ll be presenting with the pass, and the look to everything is a little interesting. As you can see from the photo below, all of the skins will be white with a specific color scheme that will match one of the twelve teams from the league.


The look is kind of simplistic as they are meant to represent the appearance you would normally see for home teams, as whoever the “home team” is decided in a match usually wears white while the visiting team tends to be in full-color uniforms. This comes after several new skins were released into the game that focuses on the past lives of several Overwatch characters during and after the Omnic Crisis, including the always boss looking Hanzo in a suit. Basically, if getting skins is your thing in the game, this is a pretty cool time to get new looks.


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