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Space Pirates and Zombies 2

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RELEASED: 11/7/17


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With a title as ridiculous as Space Pirates and Zombies 2, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the game has a storyline that makes very little sense an is only in place to set up an epic space battle scenario. The game is a 3D space battle fighter (on a 2D plane) where in the distant future humans have used a new element to help them grow in the cosmos and, surprise, run into an alien race who have an infection that turns people into zombies. In the first game, the pirates killed off the source of the infection and the gates they travel around in. Now they’re back to dealing with the problem all over again with even fewer resources because… plot point.

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You can choose from dozens of captains who have various experience and ships to work with. As you might expect from a game of this type, half of the game is collecting resources and turning your experience into making you and your ship better at killing things, while the other half of the game is killing things in space that want to kill you. If it sounds like I’m being rather glib with this review, it’s because I am. There’s nothing here that I haven’t done in a hundred other games from this same genre, from resource management to space fighting strategy. I could go find any ten games like this and compare them side-by-side and it would be the same thing with a different skin.

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The few differences there are from the average space fighter are few and far between. You can upgrade your ship’s weapons, shields, armor, and a few other areas how you see fit. There’s also a build-your-own-ship area in the Ship’s Computer that will allow you to start from scratch rather than taking a pre-built model that you simply improve on. But the designs you start off with are generic and require certain pieces to be there no matter what, so creativity gets thrown out the window unless you have the right parts to make a badass ship. You can control any ship at any time, but you need to keep an eye on everything as they will die quickly if left to their own devices.

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There are little bits and pieces to like about this game and its design, but ultimately, there’s nothing that makes Space Pirates and Zombies 2 stand out. There are far better games in the genre that do way more to give you a better experience than this one. If anything, this game feels like it was rushed out of development as soon as they had a working model and it makes me cringe a bit that they couldn’t have done something different with this game to make it feel like it’s own beast.

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