Frank Cho Gets Patriotic With “Vote Harley” Variant Cover

Here at Bleeding Cool, we strive to provide you with the breaking news that’s important. The news that matters. The news you want to click on.

To accomplish this task, Bleeding Cool employs the most cutting edge technologies to locate that news. It’s been nearly a year since we updated our most important piece of technology, but we just downloaded the latest firmware from the manufacturer and we’re thrilled to inform you that THE WHEEL OF CLICKBAIT IS BACK, BABY!

And better than ever. Let’s give it a spin…

Just as we’d hoped: “What is Frank Cho up to?” That’s a question easily answered through the advanced journalistic technique of checking his Facebook page. And it’s there that we find Cho is working on another Harley Quinn variant cover, for Harley Quinn #28.

It’s not finished yet, but Cho says he hopes to have it inked by today (another article later? you bet!). The cover shows Harley decked out as Lady Liberty, as Cho writes, “Working on Harley Quinn #28 variant cover. (WORK IN PROGRESS.) Been slaving away on this since I got back from New York City. In the story, Harley is running for mayor in her town. The image of Harley dressed as Lady Liberty just popped in my mind. And here we are.”

“Hope to have this fully inked by morning,” he added. “No rest for the wicked.”

Check out the cover below, and check back later for the fully inked cover as we continue to spin the WHEEL OF CLICKBAIT and remain your number one news source for what Frank Cho is up to on Facebook! Well, technically number two. Frank Cho’s Facebook is number one. But number two is NOT SO BAD!

See you later.

Frank Cho Gets Patriotic With “Vote Harley” Variant Cover


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