Everything You Know About The Other Steve Rogers Was Wrong – Secret Empire #9 Spoilers

This week sees the publication of Secret Empire #9, the penultimate issue to the series (if you don’t count Secret Empire Omega #1) by Nick Spencer, Leinil Francis Yu, Rod Reis, Joe Bennett, Gerry Alanguinan, Joe Pimental, Sunny Gho and Dona Sanchez-Alamara.

And it begins in The Vanishing Point, with Kobik meeting the revived Steve Rogers and apologising for everything that has happened. If you wish, you could consider it addressed to the audience as well.

It probably would be a reach to see this all as a metaphor, but I’m going to, and go beyond the preview into further spoilers for the issue, as told told to me. You have been warned, spoilerphobics back out now.

We’ll deal with the further implications – and spoilers – after this preview. Because, we also get Hydra showing off to their captive.

Haven’t they learned that you don’t keep prisoners alive so you can lord it over them with your final victory? You shoot them in the head at the earliest opportunity. Come on now. But back to that first bit, the metaphors and the spoilers.

So “Kobic” is sorry, they only wanted to make people happy but messed things up, by turning everyone Nazi. And the Vanishing Point is a way to make everything better. Is that what Generations, which spins out of the Vanishing Point is supposed to be? If so, are the apologies from Kobic to Steve Rogers or from the writers to the audience?

I ask because I have also heard this, and this is definitely spoileriffic, that this Steve Rogers is not the real Steve Rogers. The real Steve Rogers is Captain Hydra. Instead, he is the memory of Steve Rogers and all that is happening is playing out in Kobic’s mind, such that a cosmic cube shattered into splinters can still be said to have a mind.

So basically, the writer made it all up and it went wrong. And all he has left are his memories of what once was….

Secret Empire #9 is published on Wednesday by Marvel.


Everything You Know About The Other Steve Rogers Was Wrong – Secret Empire #9 Spoilers

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