Devil May Cry Will Be Coming To Twitch Prime In Late February

In anticipation of the Devil May Cry HD Collection to be released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, Capcom has decided to give fans of the series an early present, provided they have Twitch Prime. Starting on February 27th, the original Devil May Cry will be free to play on Twitch Prime for subscribers. According to Capcom, this is a “limited-time offer will get you the PC version of the game through the Twitch Desktop App, where you’ll also be able to purchase the full collection. Visit on the 27th, log in to your Twitch Prime account and claim the original Devil May Cry for free.”

devil may cry

Capcom also released a brand new trailer for the collection to tide you over until it officially comes out on March 13th. The trailer itself is basically a quick highlight reel showing off your most memorable moments in the game in their spiffy HD form. Even to the casual fan, this is going to be an awesome time as you’re getting practically everything you could want, shy of the animated series streaming on Twitch. But hey, there’s still time, and you never know what Capcom may do to surprise you at the last minute.

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