'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 2 Teaser Released

As Star Trek: Discovery goes back into production in Toronto, CBS All Access have released a teaser celebrating the show’s return.You can check it out above.The biggest takeaway from the teaser is a first look at the bridge and uniforms of Discovery’s revamped USS Enterprise; season one concluded with the … Continue reading

'Black Widow' Director Candidates Revealed

Spinning out of the news that Jessica Jones veteran S.J. Clarkson will be the first woman ever to direct a Star Trek movie, The Hollywood Reporter claims to have intel on the search for a filmmaker to bring Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow to solo-movie life.According to their report, Marvel Studios … Continue reading

'Godzilla' Will Come To Life At This Special VR Event

Technology has come a long way since Godzilla was created, and it is about time someone found a way to bring the kaiju to life. Thanks to Microsoft, one event is preparing to give Godzilla a special rebirth using the power of virtual reality, and fans will not want to … Continue reading

New 'Superman Lives' Test Footage Revealed

A fresh look at Batman director Tim Burton’s canceled Superman movie, Superman Lives, has been unearthed by Dread Central.Among the new discoveries is a sixty-second video featuring prototype suit concepts, above, offering a look at the shiny and glowing suit that would have been worn by Nicolas Cage as a … Continue reading

'Avengers: Infinity War's Mark Ruffalo Says Hulk And Bruce Banner Are Headed For A Showdown

Throughout much of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Bruce Banner and the Hulk are considered one and the same, as both personalities are important components of the other. With Thor: Ragnarok, audiences learned just how tense the dynamic between the two identities was, with actor Mark Ruffalo promising that the two … Continue reading

Exclusive: Anna And Coyote Fight For Their Lives In 'Backways' #5 Preview

Things are getting insane in the Backways, and now you can get your first look at the next action-packed issue.The hunt for Sylvia is on in AfterShock’s Backways #5, and as you can tell in the preview no one, and we mean no one, wants Anna to find her best … Continue reading

Sasuke Proves He's The GOAT In Latest 'Boruto' Episodes

Boruto episodes 54 and 55 finally brought the anime around to the events of the original Boruto: Naruto The Movie. The series entered a new story arc that focuses on Boruto and his schoolmates preparing for the Chunin Exams – even as Boruto is having a major falling out with … Continue reading

Humble Bundle Hosting Aliens Day Sale, Includes Discounts On Alien Isolation and More

It’s Aliens day (4/26?), so that means you’re probably sitting comfortably somewhere, watching the classic 80’s action flick with Sigourney Weaver. But you can also play a few games on this day, like the Aliens Pinball tables in Pinball FX3, or even the classic Aliens arcade game from Konami, if … Continue reading

Marvel Is Looking For A Female Director For BLACK WIDOW – Here's Who The Studio Has Met With So Far

Marvel Studios is said to be searching for a female director to helm the Black Window solo film, and although a shortlist hasn’t been narrowed down just yet, we do know some of the names they’ve met with. Source: Comic Book Movie News

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Latest Patch Adds a New Car and More

PUBG Corp just unveiled a massive patch for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which includes giving players access to a brand new car, map selection, weapons changes, and a lot more that is set to improve the PC version. First off, you can choose between two maps at the start of the round, either Erangel … Continue reading