Netflix's 'Fullmetal Alchemist' Is Missing Some Key Anime Characters

Adapting series into new mediums is never easy, and anime is no exception. Over the years, plenty of live-action films have tried to bring anime titles to life, but few have come close to succeeding. Fullmetal Alchemist learned about that struggle firsthand last year when its live-action film debuted, and … Continue reading

DC Films Adds New VP of Production to Its Roster

Following the tumultuous release of Justice League, fans and skeptics alike are eager to see what the future holds for DC Films. And apparently, that will involve the appointment of a new Vice President of Production.Chantal Nong has been officially appointed into the role, according to a recent announcement through … Continue reading

'Legends of Tomorrow': What Is the Sixth Totem?

When Legends of Tomorrow returned from midseason hiatus the heroes find out more about the shadowy, demonic figure Mallus, namely that the mysterious big bad wants Sara.However, while possessing a young Nora Darhke, Mallus notes that Zari (Tala Ashe) is one of “The Six.” As Zari is a totem bearer … Continue reading

'One Piece' Just Shared One Disturbing Nami Meme

Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece is no stranger to odd or even disturbing imagery, and in fact, its oddity laden world is what draws fans to the series in the first place. But the official Twitter account for the series recently shared what is quite possibly the most disturbing imagery in … Continue reading

The 10 Comics You Should Read This Week February 21 Edition

It’s new comics day’s eve here at, and we’ve got the 10 books you should make some time for this week.Of course, there are way more than 10 books on the store shelves worthy of your time and money, so before we get to the top 10, here are … Continue reading

Here's a First Look At Broly and Bardock In Dragon Ball FighterZ

A few days ago, the first downloadable characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ were confirmed, in the form of Bardock and Broly, two powerhouses that will truly make the Season Pass something of value – and that’s not even including the other fighters that are coming to the game.Today, the official … Continue reading

10 Essential 'iZombie' Episodes to Watch Before Season 4 Premieres

In less than a week, iZombie will be taking fans into a brave new world, as the fan-favorite show’s fourth season will debut on The CW.While plenty of fans are excited for more hijinks from Team Z – and to see the fallout from last season’s “D-Day” revelation – some … Continue reading

'The Purge' TV Series to Begin Filming in April

The upcoming sequel in the Purge franchise got its first title, poster and teaser earlier this year, with details finally emerging about the TV series based on the franchise. NOLA confirms that the 10-episode series is set to begin production in New Orleans, Louisiana in April.Whether New Orleans will be … Continue reading

These Fans Nailed Their Sexy Genderbent 'Yu-Gi-Oh!' Cosplay

When it comes to cosplay, there is no limit to what you can do. If you want to dress like Naruto and make your entire outfit out of ramen noodles, you will find a wave of support at your local anime con. There are no rules holding you back from … Continue reading

Rocket League To Receive DC Comics DLC Cars In March

How would you like to use the Batmobile to defeat your enemies in Rocket League? That dream is going to become a reality as Psyonix has partnered up with WBIE and DC Comics to release a new DLC pack where you’ll be able to get specific vehicles and skins from … Continue reading