'My Hero Academia' Just Gave Bakugo His Hardest Mission Yet

The last chapter of the My Hero Academia manga took one of the first few steps into the next arc for the series with an incredibly tough supplementary hero exam challenge.Chapter 165 continues the test as Bakugo and Todoroki need to win the hearts of a crowd of rambunctious children, … Continue reading

'Fairy Tail' Creator Teases His New Series

Fairy Tail may have come to a close in 2017, but next year will hold plenty of work for Hiro Mashima. The creator says he has plans for a brand-new series, and fans are being asked to look forward to the upcoming serial.Taking to Twitter, Mashima shared a message with … Continue reading

'One Piece' Proves Why Brook Is Big Mom's Nightmare

The last chapter of One Piece saw Big Mom take over the Thousand Sunny, her thinner and more fearsome visage towered over Jinbe, Brook, Nami, and Chopper while Carrot had to escape from the light of the moon before losing her sanity.Jinbe declared that they would have to abandon the … Continue reading

'Attack on Titan' Reveals The War Hammer Titan

It took more than a hundred chapters, but Attack on Titan finally revealed one of its biggest mysteries to readers. The manga’s latest chapter introduced the War Hammer Titan to audiences after a very long wait, and the powerful character was well-worth all the patience.If you are all caught up … Continue reading

New Video Explains the Magical Alternate History of 'Bright'

If Netflix’s Bright left you wanting to know a little bit more about the film’s unique (and divisive) take on urban fantasy, a new video is here to help.Netflix recently released a “History of Magic” video on their YouTube account, which explains the alternate timeline of magic-related events prior to … Continue reading

Star Trek: Wil Wheaton Responds to Crying Wesley Crusher LEGO Minifigure

Wil Wheaton is not amused by a fan’s custom LEGO minifigure of Wesley Crusher.Wheaton played Wesley on Star Trek: The Next Generation. It isn’t unexpected then that fans sent the fan’s custom TNG LEGO minifigures to Wheaton. The fans were aiming to get Wheaton to comment on the depiction of … Continue reading

'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Creature Designer Responds to the Porg Phenomenon

The latest film in the Star Wars saga introduced many new characters to the galaxy far, far away, but few of them stood out like the adorable creatures native to the Jedi island on Ahch-To.Yes, we’re talking about the porgs.Neal Scanlan, the creature designer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, … Continue reading

'Dragon Ball Super' Teases Vegeta's Big Battle with New Stills

Dragon Ball Super may have been off this week, but the wait will be worth it for fans. When the show comes back next week, Vegeta will find himself face-to-face with Jiren, and Toei Animation just teased the showdown over on Twitter.Taking to social media, Dragon Ball Super shared preview … Continue reading

'Mob Psycho 100' Play Reveals Teaser

Mob Psycho 100 fans have been through a rough 2017 as the series had come to an end, and the anime series has shown no signs of a possible second season, but 2018 is setting up to be a better year for the series.One of the biggest things fans could … Continue reading

Penn Jillette Names Batman as Ultimate American Magician

Penn Jillette’s favorite movie about magic may surprise you.Jillette is one-half of the famous Penn and Teller comedy and magic act. The Washington Post asked him what his favorite movie about magic was.”You have to be careful when you use the word ‘magic,” Jillette cautioned. “The word has two very … Continue reading