The Mission

In 1992 seven creative geniuses collaborated to take the world by storm…the left their affiliated comic book companies and began what would become a ground-shaking Goliath of the comic book universe known as Image Comics. One of these artists, a young Todd McFarlane came to the front of the pack with a brand new breed of comic book hero…SPAWN!

It’s a typical tale of comic book love. Boy meets girl, boy loves girl, boy is a government assassin betrayed and violently murdered by his employer, boy sells his soul to the demon, Malebolgia with the promise to see girl but instead ends up with the powers of the Hellspawn and is a ranking member of Hell’s army…hijinks ensue and soon over one million copies of the first edition of this epic story were sold in comic book stores across the country. Add to this an awesomely successful line of toys and merchandise, an HBO animated series that was off the chain and one movie in 1997 that was released to tepid audience response and considered by some to be a mild interpretation of the incredibly visionary comic book series.

Flash forward to 2017. I’m sitting on one of my favorite comic book discussion groups when I see an article post saying Todd McFarlane has officially announced a NEW Spawn movie. I am elated! My world just got a bit brighter knowing the Hellspawn will again grace the silver screen. But with a starting budget of $10-12 million dollars what can we expect? So many are expecting a simple reboot of the 90’s film. But will exceed expectations? Will we be surprised? Who are they going to get to play this iconic character and do it justice? Will it be a big budget, big name actor or a new talent that will take sweep the box office draw? Then it came to me, like a bolt from Zeus above. What if Wesley Snipes was to play Spawn, how cool would that be?! I mean we already know he can play a comic book character well after the blade series beginning in 1998, which really paved the way and set the pace for the successful violent comic book movies to come. Not to mention that he could be within budget and not only that, how awesome would it be to have a Marvel hero jump ship and join the Image universe the same way the artists did.

So that’s how this movement and website started. It’s the only website dedicated to getting Wesley Snipes to play the role of Spawn on the big screen. I wanted not only a single place to get all of my comic book and comic book movie news as well as all of my Spawn movie updates. Also as a fan of Spawn I want to see this incredibly visionary character finally done in it’s full glory in a movie by someone that would bring something cool to the character. I figured “Hey, the concept of a fan driven movie worked for snakes on a plane…why not for Spawn?” So I bought a domain and made it happen. The wheels are in motion, use the forum, give ideas, start conversations, keep up with all the latest Spawn news and let’s help make this one of the best fan films of all time!

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